FedEx in Colombia: Creating Connections

By: Fedex Colombia

Published in Amcham Colombia Business Express, available here 

FedEx - logoFedEx believes in connecting people with goods, services and ideas to create opportunities and improve lives. To fulfill this promise, FedEx is continually expanding its worldwide network and service portfolio to provide Latin American businesses with opportunities for global access. Colombia is a vibrant market with an immense growth capacity, making it integral for the expansion of FedEx in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region and the overall business results.

FedEx history in Colombia dates back to more than 20 years of service, market knowledge and dedication to support local businesses and individual customer needs. Colombia offers a skilled labor pool, a bustling economy ripe for innovation and a committed government that promotes healthy competition. For FedEx, Colombia is the third most important market in Latin America and is guided by a strategic approach to navigate its dynamic economy.  

Fedex 1

With the dedication of the local team, FedEx has built a diverse portfolio of transportation and logistics solutions in response to the opportunities offered by this prosperous country. FedEx provides a robust domestic service route and unparalleled global access for a variety of industries, including coffee, flowers, textiles, retail and supply chain management, all vital to the constantly evolving Colombian economy.

A success case in Colombia is Fantasy Farms, which set out to bring the beauty and aroma of Colombian flowers to unusual places in the United States, like gas stations and dollar stores, in record time. With the support of FedEx Express, Fantasy Farms can now initiate the shipping process on the same day the flowers are cut, completing deliveries to North America in a maximum of four days, guaranteeing the freshness and safety of the products.

Throughout the company’s 20+ years of operation in Colombia, FedEx has successfully branded itself an ally for the local economy, always offering an exceptional customer experience. The agribusiness, manufacturing and services sectors in Colombia are thriving and FedEx is committed to being a loyal partner to Colombia for years to come.











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