Colombia: Guest of honor in “Memphis in May” Festival

This year “Memphis in May”, an important and recognized festival, invited Colombia as honored country.

By: Sabor USA 

Published in Amcham Colombia Business Express, available here 

Currently, the bilateral relationship between Colombia and the United States is going through an excellent moment, furthermore, the cultural and commercial exchange between the two countries are growing significantly.

In the last five years, Colombia became one of the top commercial partners of the U.S. consequently being accompanied by a cultural and gastronomic integration never seen before.


Is not surprising that “Memphis in May”, an important and recognized festival invited Colombia as honored country of the 2017 version. This international event is world famous because attendees can enjoy a month of different activities and live an unparalleled experience in the city of Memphis, also known as the capital of the Blues.

The first days of the festival are dedicated to music, thus in this edition more than 60 bands and artists will perform multiple concerts that will delight the public and spark the party

Afterwards, from May 8th to 20th Colombia will participate with conferences, presentations, film screenings and exhibitions. Colombian-born Chef Juan Felipe Camacho will honor Colombian cuisine with five-course menu in an environment in which Colombia and Memphis will be united by their flavors.

Likewise, Sergio Saavedra and Daniel Kaplan will represent Colombia in the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest America’s most prestigious barbecue cooking competition which will be held from May 17th to the 20th.

Memphis is a wonderful city and with Colombia as an honored guest, this year’s edition seems more attractive and wonderful as ever. You will enjoy incredible gastronomic and cultural experiences that will contribute to continue to strengthen the ties and relationships between both countries.

We invite you not to miss this great festival full of activities; food, beverages, music and cultural exchanges.




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