Colombian American Chamber of Commerce celebrates the signing of the final peace accord

The Colombian Government and the FARC settle a historic starting point towards a peaceful Colombia.

The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce welcomes the good news about the conclusion of the final accord for the construction of peace between the Colombian Government and the FARC guerilla, which was signed on August 24 at La Habana, Cuba.

“We know there will be difficult times, but what our country is living now and what it should soon begin living will be so much better than over 50 years of confrontation and war on our homeland”, says the Chamber Executive Director, Camilo Reyes Rodríguez.

Reyes points out that “the different estimations out there are indication of what peace might mean for the country’s economic growth, competitiveness and productivity. Although there are many and very diverse approaches to this, not even those who are most negative dare predict that peace is worse than war”.

The formalization of a common national project between the authority and the most prominent armed opposition is a fundamental first step, but the effort that is going to make Colombia turn the page over is ultimately in the hands of the civil society; especially of citizens who are open to reconciliation and businessmen who welcome economic and social integration.

After over 50 years of armed conflict, the perspective of a peaceful Colombia increases the business appeal of the country. Both companies already operating here and companies looking to bring their capital will be able to exploit improved safety conditions, unexplored market segments and unseized resources once the FARC, as the biggest irregular armed group in the country, has laid down its weapons and demobilized its combatants.

Camilo Reyes points out: “we believe that peace is going to be a very important contribution to the increase of trade and investment between Colombia and the United States”.

If the peace accord is approved by way of the plebiscite, in which the Colombian people will either welcome or reject it, the private sector in Colombia will have to reaffirm a position in which it contemplates its contribution to peace and reconciliation not only as part of its role as an economic engine of the country, but as a key component of its business strategy.

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